Hope View Gardens  
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 SERVICES PROVIDED               
 3+ Meals Per Day                           X              
 Medication Management               X
 Diabetic Management                    X              
 Bathing                                         X
 Grooming                                      X             
 Dressing                                        X  
 Toileting                                        X             
 Incontinence Care                          X
 Mobility Care                                 X              
 Mobility Assistance                         X
 Accepts Wheelchairs                       X             
 Alzheimer's Dementia Care             X
 MD visits the facility                                    
 Third Party Services                        X
 Labs                                             X              
 Diagnostic (i.e. X-rays)                    X
 Home Health                                 X
 Private Duty                                   X             
 Physical Therapy                             X
 Speech Therapy                             X              
 On Site Nurses                                X 
 Nurses On Call                               X             
 Transportation                               X
 Trans. to Medical Appointments       X              
 Housekeeping / Laundry                 X
 Activities                                        X              
 Medicaid                                                 X
 VA Benefits                                                
 Long Term Care Insurance               X
 Private Pay                                     X             
  Yes     No 
Our staff is well trained in dementia management. We offer multiple services to care for our residents. The owner is a registered nurse who lives on site and is a dedicated healthcare professional with over 30 years experience. Experience includes long-term care management, risk management, and is accountable for your loved ones needs. At our home we complete daily care planning of our residents and families needs. We offer an aggressive registered nurse care coordination model to promote good outcomes for our residents. We are capable in handling some of the most impaired dementia diagnosis', from challenging Lewy Bodies dementia, Frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia, mixed dementia, Alzheimer's, and Alcohol Induced dementia.
12483 Tangerine Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33412
Hope View Gardens is an assisted living facility situated near Ibis Golf and Country Club, PGA National Resort, Bay Hill Estates, and 30 minutes from Boca Raton. It is also located 20 minutes from the beach, and close to I-95, and the Florida turnpike.